Eric Trump, Russia, Justin Hartley, Fin Whale, Michael Steele, Bermuda Triangle: HOT LINKS

LEMONADE. Eric Trump stole lemonade from In-N-Out . “Eric Trump holds a free, clear, plastic cup, which is supposed to be used for water.” this is a photo of my homey grant with trumps kid at in-n-out & trumps kid is drinking lemonade outta the free water cup… … Continue reading

Jodie Foster, DDoS Attack, Johnny Skandros, STDs, Louisiana, Lynda Carter, Superfruit: HOT LINKS

DDOS ATTACK. Massive cyber attack takes down Github, Amazon, Etsy, Twitter, SaneBox, Reddit, AirBnB, Soundcloud, Netflix, Disqus, PayPal, Spotify, and Heroku on East Coast for lengthy period on Friday morning . “It’s not immediately obvious who is behind this DDoS attack. However, the fact that the attackers were able to … Continue reading

Donald Trump Booed for Caustic ‘Jokes’ about Hillary Clinton at Al Smith Dinner: WATCH

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton appeared together again tonight at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner in New York, an annual white tie gala benefiting Catholic charities at which tradition dictates that presidential candidates poke fun at one another in a humorous and jovial manner during their speeches. … Continue reading